MT1389 Flasher

Flash reading/writing for MT1389 chipset (parallel and serial flash support; also supports USBtoRS232 virtual com port high speeds). It's a MtkTool replacement tool. ;-)


MT1389 MemDump

Command line DRAM reading for MT1389 chipset.


ArmAddressInfo v0.11

Simple command line tool for displaying shared and other memory addresses used by the ARM Code. It also displays additional information about ARM Code capabilities (SACD, DVD-Audio, Nero Digital, DivX Media Format Menu, etc.)
Usage: ArmAddressInfo <Uncompressed Mediatek ARM Code>


MtkFontCreator v0.7.0.1

Create and Edit Mediatek Font files with various export/import options.


MtkReplacer v0.8.1

Command line + GUI tool for replacing various parts of Mediatek MT1389 firmwares.

Start without any parameters will show GUI

or start in commandline with

"MtkReplacer /?" to see command line options

MtkLangCreator v0.1.1

Creates Mediatek Language files.


MtkWindows v0.8.5

Change position, size, colors & blend value of mediatek windows'. Automatic address search detects all currently known firmwares. You can also set mpeg4 subtitle parameters (alig, area size, etc) with a lot of firmwares.


MtkBitmaps v0.3.0

Export / Import Mediatek Bitmaps from / into firmwares.


MtkExtract v0.23.0

Simple command line tool for extracting all mediatek firmware items at once.
Usage: MtkExtract <Mediatek MT13x9 firmware>
Also supports MT8226 firmwares!


MtkOSD1Creator v0.1

Command line tool for creating OSD1 fonts & bitmaps block.


MtkOSD2Creator v0.5

Command line tool for creating OSD2 language block.


MtkDSPCreator v0.2

Simple command line tool for creating MT13x9 DSP Block.
Usage: MtkDSPCreator <input DSP_Code_Info.ini> <output DSP.BIN>
       Where the input ini file is in MtkExtract DSP_Code_Info.ini format.

MtkArmResizer v0.7

MtkArmResizer made for extend ARM Code length. For experts only! Read included documentation!


MtkColorSpace v0.1.7

Each window definition records' end there is a pointer that points to a list of 16bit variables. These are the colors used in the window. This program converts from RGB or YUV to this 16 mediatek color value.


DirectSub INI Generator 0.3

Just open a firmware, pick a font and save ini files. - Now with Safe Mode option for Windows9xMe compatibility.


RunTime Assembler for Intel8051 v0.1.2.0 + source code

using Mediatek 1389 SFR